All Inclusive Done-For-You Amazon A+ Content

American Copywriter

Our team includes only US based copywriters who are English natives as we find overseas writers don’t understand key nuances. Each section is written based on extensive customer & niche research.

Graphic Design

We enhance all images in the Amazon A+ Content with graphics that match your brand colors, fonts, and feel. Our goal is to make it appear as if it was your website, not an Amazon listing.

Product Photography

If needed, our photo team in Dubai shoots Amazon product photography with real lifestyle models & studio white background. Or you can supply us with existing photos instead.

Amazon A+ Content Examples

Here’s a few examples of Amazon A Plus Content we’ve created for clients. The goal is to give each A+ description a style that fits the brand & takes customers through a specific sequence of images with graphics & text snippets most likely to lead to a sale. Conversion rate can increase 5% or even up to 13%, drastically increasing Amazon sales.


Amazon A+ Content EBC

Just choose the package that’s best for you
Amazon Storefront Design
Amazon Storefront Design

$597 USD

  • 1 Custom Page Included
  • Unlimited Category Pages (no infographics, products only)
  • Layout & Creative Direction
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Infographics
  • Text Headings & Sections Written by US Copywriter
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A+ Content EBC Description
A+ Content EBC Description

$497 USD

  • Full Design by Creative Director Based on Extensive Market Research
  • Graphic Design & Infographic Creation
  • Premium Stock Images & Icons Included
  • All Text Copywriting done by US Based Amazon SEO Trained Writer
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Why is Amazon A+ Content Important?

One of the biggest metrics Amazon uses to determine whether your product is a hit or a dud is conversion rate. If your conversion rate sucks, that means people look at your listing & aren’t buying… & Amazon doesn’t like it. Their algorithm determines your listing a “DUD”  & sends less traffic to your listing, & less sales.

The opposite is also true.

If your conversion rate kicks ass, Amazon’s algorithm says “Hey this thing is hot!” & throws more traffic your way. Well done Amazon APlus Content commonly increases conversion rates by up to 5-13%. If you were making 300 sales per month at a 10% conversion rate, that would mean a boost to 450 or 600 units per month!

Is Amazon EBC Content the same as Amazon A Plus Content?

Amazon has now officially scrapped Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) & replaced it with A+ Content for all Seller Central accounts.

It’s essentially the same thing but with slightly different modules, and there are not longer pre made templates, you must manually choose your own module layout.

A+ Content was previously available only to Vendor Central accounts (for brands that sold wholesale directly to Amazon) but they decided to replace EBC in all seller accounts with A+ Content. 


What Does Amazon A+ Content Cost?

Amazon does not charge sellers to use A+ Content. Bluehat offers 2 different A+ Content packages which you can see in the pricing table below. One option includes product photography while the other uses existing photos and we produce just the graphics & copywriting.

Can All Amazon Sellers Use A+ Content?

No, only brand registered brands can use it. To become Amazon Brand Registered, your brand must have a registered trademark, then you can apply for it here.

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