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Product Sponsored Ads

The Ad type is available for both first-party and third-party sellers. Product Ads are normally displayed on the top and below of the search-result page, and even besides the product pages of your competitor. The Ad allows you to target customers on their searches and then making them directly land on your product page. Advertisers have the option of choosing exact, phrase, broad match types, along with the feasibility of setting and adjusting bids, and campaign duration. Our SPAs specialist takes the help of both automatic and manual campaigns in bringing out the most efficient results. Let us run your PPC Campaigns and we will help you reach a large spectrum of potential audience in no time!

Brand Sponsored Ads

They are accessible to both vendors and brand owners. Brand Sponsored Ads are 3 times more effective than any of the Ad types especially when it comes to conversions. The Ad features your brand logo, a custom headline, and three of your products within the search results. Our PPC Experts optimize Ads by incorporating their past experience, new targeting options, placements, and other marketing strategies to achieve maximum clicks and conversions. Let our experts bring your products to the limelight with the right Ads!

Product Display Ads

This Ad feature is only available to the Vendors. If you’re a seller, you might have thought of advertising your product underneath your competitor’s page. Product Display Ads do exactly the same. You can place your product under the ‘add to cart’ button on the competitors’ pages by targeting customers on the basis of their interest. They can also appear on customer review pages and sometimes on the top of listing pages. Our Amazon Experts can help you upsell and cross-sell your products through highly relevant Display Ads.

Coupons & Promos

This feature is restricted to those sellers who are registered on Amazon Brand Registry and have a good number of positive reviews and feedback. Using coupons & Promos for Amazon PPC is still a fresh marketing strategy, but its impacts on under-performing products are quite massive. All coupons do is that it gives your product the much-needed Green Badge that indicates discounts to your customers. That gives an impression to your customer that they’re getting a deal, which may actually not be the case. Our PPC Experts can literally help you win Great Sales on a minimum value of the coupon.


Amazon PPC Management

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PPC Consultation
PPC Consultation

PPC Consultation

  • One on one Call with PPC Expert
  • Audit of Existing Campaigns
  • Listing Audit & Recommendations
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Campaign creation walk-through
  • Optimization checklist
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PPC Management
PPC Management

PPC Management

  • Comprehensive Audit
  • Account Setup + Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Keyword Expansion
  • Strategy Consultation
  • Target Setting
  • Progress Report
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Pay-Per-Click Management

Did you know that most Amazon sellers run out of their daily budget on PPC campaigns with little to no sales?

The average seller spends approximately $1200 per month on PPC, but can considerably reduce costs through effective management. While PPC campaigns are easy to setup, optimization may prove to be tricky.

Our Amazon PPC Experts work intensively to help you manage pay per click advertising campaigns and lower your costs. A customized dashboard is created using an established tracking mechanism that provides feedback on key metrics such as ACOS and CTR.

We’re the industry’s prime PPC management agency, providing sellers with top-notch PPC services that is made to reach a wide spectrum of customers and enhance sales to a greater extend. From setting up the ideal bids to adding result-oriented keywords to targeting the right audience, our Amazon PPC experts can drive you the best return on your investment.

After placing an order for PPC management, our experts will contact you and schedule an online meeting to discuss details.

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